Henley Street Pedestrian Bridge 




Knoxville, TN

5,000 SF

MHM renovated a deteriorating pedestrian bridge in order to create a better link between Knoxville’s downtown and World’s Fair Park districts. The renovation design serves to establish the bridge as a visible gateway into downtown Knoxville while forming an inviting pedestrian link between city elements. In order to be both efficient and cost effective, many of the basic structural components were reused. In addition, a new frosted glass roof was installed to allow natural light to flood the bridge and new custom perforated metal panels were installed over the street. The pattern in the metal panel creates an abstract representation of the nearby Smoky Mountains. Color changing LED lights were also used allowing the bridge to take on a variety of appearances at night. This newly renovated pedestrian bridge now provides a fun and light-filled link between the downtown core and the World’s Fair Park district while taking advantage of its position to create a vibrant gateway for the city.