UT Neyland Stadium

2010 - ongoing 

Knoxville, TN

180,000+ sf

2011 Governors Environmental Stewardship, Gate 21 Improvements; 2009 Award of Merit, South Central Construction Magazine

McCarty Holsaple McCarty | Ross Bryan Associates, a Joint Venture, completed phased renovations that focused on both interior and exterior.  To compete with rival sports facilities, the goals were to improve infrastructure and wayfinding, generate game day excitement and develop levels of fan patronage to enter the 21st Century.  Larger than life graphics serve to guide, energize and educate visitors about the program’s accomplished history.

The athletic department requested a new ‘front door’ for the stadium that would stand with dignity not too unlike the Arc de Triomphe. The goal was to not only maintain the existing traditions of the Vol walk into the stadium by the team as well as the marching band, but to also create new traditions through the entry plaza and gate. The plaza doubles as the campus central hub for all buses. The nearby hill doubles as a student study/teaching area. During games these spaces, framed by the gate, convert into a single massive open space celebrating the start of each game and welcoming 2/3 of the stadium’s 102,000 fans.

Multiple venues are available for varying levels of patronage.  For those preferring a personal space experience with indoor seating, Skyboxes are widely popular and share a common hospitality area.  One level is dedicated to the University and guests.  The vibrant and modern Terrace Club provides the comforts of private concessions and restrooms while sitting outside.  Combining the best of all worlds are the East and West Club Levels; offering guests covered outdoor seating, varieties of indoor seating, buffet food service and balcony level vistas of the campus.

Other renovations have included a state of the art Press Level and Media Center, Locker Room, Letterman’s Club, Team Store, Concessions and Concourses.