Food City Corporate Headquarters




Abington, VA

120,000 SF

The Food City Corporate Headquarters is a brand new, four story office building and conference center complex that has been built on the old Johnson Memorial Hospital site in Abington, VA. The building includes a central atrium space with monumental staircase, interior water feature, contemporary open office space, a café environment, and a large conference center wing. The design is respectful of the historic downtown but still introduces modern elements in a sophisticated way. The facility is a flagship for both the company and the community.

The goal of the new building was to create a facility centered around collaboration. The previous offices had been spread out over four separate buildings which had created a corporate culture of segmented and inefficient departments. The concept of the new building started with the creation of a central, public, atrium space. This space would be the central node that unified all departments under one roof. Conference rooms for each department were placed adjacent to the atrium with direct views into the space. The new structure allowed the entire company to be in one facility, and the placement of spaces within that reinforced the new culture of efficiency and teamwork.