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Celebration of 30 Years of Hodges Library

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John C. Hodges Library recently celebrated 30 years of serving as UT’s main library. The current building is an expansion of the original library by the same name. The addition tripled the square footage of the original and included over 40 miles of book stacks! Doug McCarty, principal-in-charge of the 1987 Expansion, spoke of the milestone achievement at a recent celebration on UT’s campus.

East Tennessee Community Design Center Gala

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The East Community Design Center honored Natalie Haslam with the Bruce McCarty Community Impact Award at their 2017 Gala. Natalie has been a lifelong volunteer and philanthropist, and her tireless work has had a major impact on the built environment in our region. Bruce was a founding member of the Design Center and long-time contributor in our community for over 70 years

MHM's New Medical Clinics

MHM has had a busy summer designing new medical clinic space in the region. We enjoy the design challenge and consideration that each type of clinic brings tailoring the building specifically to each practice. Learn more about three of these projects below:


HVWalkInClinic_ENTRY VIEW.jpg

Affiliated with Summit Medical, this 3,000 sf clinic located on Hardin Valley Road was designed with efficiency and expansion in mind.  The forms represent the circulation and staff spaces in the larger white box, while a black box extruding along the west side houses the exam rooms.  With the use of a high-contrast material palette and simple metal planes along the entry points, the building showcases a fresh take, yet similar feel, to the existing surroundings.  Currently under construction, the building is slate to be open this fall.



Tusculum Family Physicians in Greeneville, TN is moving from a cramped tenant space to this 7,000 sf free-standing clinic. The practice sees patients of all age ranges, so the design focuses on including comforts for all patient types. Views to the outdoors and patient experience are extremely important to the clients, so windows in every space were a must. To tie into the surroundings, yet feature a more modern aesthetic, the material palette includes warm neutrals and wood-clad walls wrapping into the large waiting areas. The project design is well underway, with estimated opening date set in late 2018.


Dermatology Specialists image.jpg

MHM has been working on a new medical office building for Dermatology Specialists, PLLC.  Dermatology Specialists has been practicing medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology in Knoxville, TN since early 2001.  They are relocating their practice to Dannaher Drive off Emory Road and expanding their offerings in the process.  The new, 10,000 sf facility will include new clinic space, patient exam rooms, in-house MOHs lab, Esthetician service rooms, and a day Spa