AAA Downtown Knoxville




Knoxville, TN

16,000 SF

After constructing a new facility in west Knoxville for AAA of East Tennessee, MHM was asked to renovate their downtown offices and develop a new image for the 95 year old company.  Housed in a former automobile dealership, the renovation involved the complete reworking of both the exterior and interior of the 16,000 sf single story building.  An additional complication was designing and staging a phased renovation approach that allowed the business to stay open during the entire renovation process.

The exterior of the building was completely clad in pre-finished aluminum panels to evoke a sleek, contemporary appearance and image.  An iconic entry tower was added to provide a visual marker for the building, as it sits below an elevated interstate near downtown Knoxville.

The new facility has space for AAA’s customer services area, administrative offices, board room/meeting space and automotive call center. The interior utilizes an open plan concept, but supplements the space with white and pink noise systems to aid in individual cubicle privacy.