MHM Hosts Knox Heritage Summer Supper

“On a splendid July 11th evening, a sold-out crowd gathered at “The Concrete House” in West Hills for an light hearted evening of burgers and 1955 revelry as part of the Knox Heritage Summer Supper program.  The Concrete House was designed by MHM’s founder Bruce McCarty as an experimental house built entirely of concrete.  Located in one of Knoxville’s first suburbs, the house sat in a field and was opened up for the Parade of Homes.  Terrazzo floors, concrete frame structure, concrete plank and ballasted roof, and concrete block walls made for a very unique and sturdy modern home.  After being lived in for decades, it eventually fell into disrepair until Beth Boline purchased the house and restored it back to its original mid-century modern luster.  With MHM’s sponsorship, Beth and her partner Shannon opened up the house for the Knox Heritage event and helped highlight the need to include mid-century modern as an important historical era, especially a Bruce McCarty original.  MHM was proud to support the Summer Supper event as part of our year 50th anniversary celebration of the firm’s work and contribution to the community. The event was a great success and raised $5,000 for Knox Heritage.”


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