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McCarty Holsaple McCarty is pleased to announce 2 new Interns – Michael Turko and Haley Zimmerman:

“Michael Turko was raised in Nolensville, Tennessee, where he enjoyed the advantages (and disadvantages) of being the middle child between his older brother and younger sister. He graduated from UT with a Bachelor’s of Architecture in 2015. In his free time, Michael enjoys playing guitar with friends and family, and exploring a new interest in bicycling.”

“Haley is a recent graduate from the University of Tennessee Bachelor of Architecture program. She grew up in a small town of Spring City, TN around a father in furniture design and home restoration.  From an early age decided to pursue a career in architecture. Haley loves to binge watch Netflix series, play soccer, and travel to random places on a whim. Above all else, she loves to spend time with her family, who have been her motivation and support every step of the way.”


Michael Haley

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On May 13, MHM’s Designer, Brian Pittman was awarded the “National Historic Preservation Award” from the Daughters of the American Revolution for the restoration of his residence, the Mary Boyce Temple House.   Ms. Temple founded the local chapter just three years after the national chapter in 1893.